Begin Your Underwater Adventure With Exciting Scuba Diving Classes

Our dive classes offer various levels of training for both beginners and advanced students. At Lake Superior Divers Supply And School, our staff is qualified to provide instructions for all levels of diver certifications from snorkeling and open water certification to master diver, and spec certifications for wreck diving, ice diving, rescue diving and more. 

Whether you're looking for a new career or a new recreational sport, our instructors can help you on your way. As a certified diver, you'll receive a certification card from PADI, the world's largest dive training organization; this entitles you to rent scuba equipment and purchase air for SCUBA tanks.


Learn basic underwater skills taught by a PADI-certified professional. This is an entry-level experience course designed to meet the recreational and vacation needs of anyone wishing to discover the underwater world. This is an in-water class. Please bring masks, fins, snorkels, and bathing suits with you to the class.

Snorkeling: $15 per class
Scuba Diving

Scuba Refresher

This course is for certified divers who haven’t been on a dive in the past 12 months and would like to refresh their training and get updated on the latest equipment and any changes the technique.
Ease yourself back into diving under the direction of a professional instructor. Refresh your skills; relearn the dive tables, hand signals, and buoyancy control techniques.
Scuba Refresher: $40 per class (price does NOT include air or gear and is subject to change)
Open Water

Open Water

Let our certified instructors help you to get PADI-certified for open water dives! You'll embark on your training in class and then move to the pool for practical study. You can learn the best dive practices and techniques to stay safe underwater and act accordingly in case of an emergency.
Safely dive in open areas at depths of up to 60 ft. in any body of water with this level of certification; it is perfect for occasional dives and recreation.
All students must be at least 12 years of age. Only average swimming skills are required.

Community Education Fees - $25
Instructor Fee - $69.02
Instruction/Equipment Fee - $83
Sales Tax - $6.95

Phase I total: $183.97

Instruction/Equipment Fee - $126.74
Certification Card - $39.45
Divers Log Book - $18.50
Sales tax - $4.85

Phase II total: $189.54
Deep Water Diving

Advanced Open Water

Go to the next level with our Advanced Open Water diver training. Are you ready to start going on deeper dives? Do you want to work toward a career in diving? Do you want to improve your skills?
This class will expand your basic knowledge of diving and give you an opportunity to make new and exciting dives, both comfortably and safely. You'll spend more time in the water and develop more confidence in your skills as a diver as you learn more techniques.
Advanced Open Water: $175 per class (price does NOT include air or gear and is subject to change)

Rescue Diver

As a scuba diver, you're partaking in an exciting sport. However, like all adventure sports, it has its share of risks that can result in injury and death. As a rescue diver, you'll learn how to prevent and recognize any potential diving accidents. You'll also learn how to safely react to any dangerous underwater situations if they occur.
In this course, you'll learn diving first-aid, emergency management, self-rescue and diver distress, various assists among a variety of other skills that would be crucial in an underwater emergency situation.
Rescue Diver: $209 per class (price does NOT include air or gear and is subject to change)
Dive Master


If a career in diving sounds like something exciting for you, then this is the next step you’ll want to take. In the process of becoming a Divemaster, you'll learn accident prevention, roles and responsibilities of career diving, team building, leadership skills, dive medicine, diving physics and physiology, and a vast array of other topics that will train you to organize and conduct safe and enjoyable open water dives for other certified divers.
This class will expand your diving theory and knowledge to a professional level. Whether or not you’re on a career path with diving, becoming a Divemaster will expand your capabilities and make you a better diver!
Divemaster: $325 per class (price does NOT include air or gear and is subject to change)
Scuba Diving

Specialty Classes

The following classes listed below are charged at $75 per class. Price does NOT include air and gear. These classes consist of 2 dives.

Boat Diver
Learn the techniques and procedures for diving from various types of boats.

Drift Diver
Learn how to glide with the current and feel the excitement of “flying” underwater.

Dry Suit Diver
Learn the proper techniques of diving with a dry suit and staying warm in cold-water conditions.

Enriched Air-Nitrox Diver
Learn how to dive with enriched air instead of standard air. By doing so, you can extend your no-decompression limits and spend more time underwater.

Multi-level Diver 
Learn how to extend your bottom time without having to enter into more hazardous decompression diving.

Peak Buoyancy Diver
Learn how to fine-tune your buoyancy and soar over the reefs. This will extend your bottom time by reducing air consumption and will prolong the life of your equipment.

Underwater Photography
Learn how to master underwater photography.

The following classes listed below are charged at $125 per class. Price does NOT include air and gear. These classes consist of 3 dives.

Night Diver
Learn how to navigate and illuminate your way through the water after the sun goes down. Everything looks different at night, especially the underwater world. Some underwater creatures and plant life are only active at night.

Ice Diver
This is definitely extreme diving! You’ll learn how to dive under the ice in extreme cold conditions.

Underwater Navigator
Learn how to locate where you are and where you are going underwater in this course.

Underwater Videography
Learn how to master underwater videography.

The following classes listed below are charged at $150 per class. Price does NOT include air and gear. These classes consist of 4 dives.

Deep Diver
Learn the proper deep dive planning and procedures that'll allow you to see things at extreme underwater depths that others can only dream about!

Search and Recovery Diver
Learn effective ways of finding objects underwater and bringing them to the surface.

Wreck Diver
Learn the knowledge necessary for safe and fun wreck diving and develop the skills necessary for exploring sunken vessels, airplanes, and automobiles.

All the charges for above courses are non-refundable. Students must own their own swim suit, mask, fins, scuba boots, and snorkel. All other equipment will be provided by us for both phases of training.
Get in touch with us and see how you can experience the wonders of the deep.

Lake Superior Divers Supply And School's instructors are looking forward to teaching you the thrills of diving!

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